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Domico Stand-Alone

Self Storage Management Software


Complete software for managing self storage facilities. A time-tested and trusted program with all the modern capabilities.


An all-inclusive software packaged with everything you need to start managing your self storage units and tenants


Our program features fit the needs of both small and large operators. We offer brand new software builds and conversions from existing facility software. From the beginning on-boarding stage to the remote software delivery, our friendly staff will ensure your experience is seamless.

Built-In Tools

Quick & Simple New Move-In Screen
Complete new move-ins quickly with a dedicated move-in screen where managers can easily collect tenant information, payment, with print lease prompt to follow.


Customer Action Dedicated Screen
Once a tenant is moved in, find their name in the Customer Action screen for a list of their units. You can then perform the following tasks on each unit: take payments, transfer units, sell merchandise, setup billing, insurance services, rent adjustments, view and print their history report.

Interactive Facility Site Map
An interactive map of your storage facility offering a birds-eye view can be a default display screen. Individual unit info can be viewed by hovering over the map. You can access tenant information or complete a New Move-In by clicking on a unit.

Printing and Emailing of Reports, Invoices, Notices
Printing and sending documents from DOMICO Software is easy. With our robust reporting system and Letter Writer module, view and generate the documents you need. 

Web Capabilities

Maximize your Reservation System with Reservation to Move-In Rates
Track reservations to New Move-Ins to see how your reservation system is being utilized and how it can be improved.

Create and Manage Online Accounts
Offer tenants the convenience of creating and managing their accounts. Tenants have the ability to make payments, update payment type, set a new passwords, etc.


Real-time Updates

Online reservations and payments made are updated in DOMICO software in real-time, offering managers the tool for quick follow-ups and quick conversions. 


Tenant Insurance 
Bader Insurance 

SAGE Insurance Servicing 


Call Centers 

Call Potential 

XPS Solutions 


Security Gate Systems 

Doorking Access Control 

PTI Digigate 700 

PTI StorLogix Falcon XT 


 StorGuard -  AccessPlus/formerly Access Easy




 Payment Processor


Please ask about other available options

Corporate Control

User and Group Access Setup
DOMICO offers the flexibility to customize the multiple user groups, such as the level of security and what type of access is allowed for these groups. User access restrictions were programmed with owners in mind, allowing owners to decide what functions their employees should have access to.


Send End of Day Batch Reports 
DOMICO has the ability to automatically send end of the day batch reports to the contacts you wish. For example, an accountant can receive the Cash Posting and Discounts Applied, while an owner or partner receives an Executive Summary and Facility Summary Report.


Benefits of a Stand-Alone Software


The Domico Management & Accounting Stand-Alone Software product was first built on a DOS platform, then the Windows platform. One of the main benefits of our stand-alone product is that is has stood the test of time. The software, it's upgrades, enhancements, and integrations was all we knew until very recently. Many users are successfully managing their self storage facilities and see the following benefits:

- Any data associated with the software can only be accessed from that computer

(backup data can be stored elsewhere and computer can still be accessed remotely)

- Not completely reliant on the internet

- Minimal technical skills required vs managing a network or web-based programs

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