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DomicoPay Merchant Services is saving customers valuable time consolidating their processing and technical support. Furthermore, this all-in-one solution is saving customers a lot of money on processing fees.  

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Integrated Solution

Easily accept credit card payments at your self storage facility through Domico's own payment processing platform. 

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Consolidated Reconciliation

Connected reporting gives quick access to information on charges, fees, refunds, and transfers in real-time. 

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Accurate & Accessible

Accurate information on deposits, payments reports, charge backs, and rates readily available at your fingertips.

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Same Friendly Support

Contact us for everything Domico related. This includes: hardware, software, and payment processing. 

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Integrated Payment Solution

DomicoPay offers DOMICO Software users a complete payment processing solution with its very own integrated platform. 

  • Quick on-boarding

  • Transparent fees

  • Quick and complete conversion from other processor

  • No loss of auto payments

  • On site payments at self storage facility

  • Online payments from your website

  • PCI Compliant

  • Out-of-Scope: card information is handled by device

  • Backed by payment processing gurus

Consolidated Reconciliation

Settle payments and reconcile transactions easily with DomicoPay integration. DomicoPay reports provide quick insights on sales. 


  • Consolidated reports

  • Detailed Transactions Report

  • Detailed Funding Summary Report

  • Chargeback Management

  • One batch instant for on site & ecommerce

Accurate and Accessible Information

Access complete payment processing down to the detail of each transaction. 


  • Smart Transaction Search capability 

  • Processing Details

  • Transaction Details

  • User-friendly tools

  • Modern look & feel

Support by our Same Friendly Techs

DomicoPay customers receive support on hardware and payment processing from the same friendly and professional group of technicians


  • Streamlined support process

  • Work with the techs you know best

  • Open your support ticket with a live person

  • Guaranteed 2-hour callback 


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Your money is valuable.

Spend less of it on payment processing fees and

keep more of it for your bottom line!

Fully Integrated payments reporting & reconciliation

Transparent fees - No manufactured fees!

Tracking tools to monitor your processing rates

No more flipping between programs to reconcile

Get answers when you need them