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We’ve connected management software, payment processing, and API integration to help you do it all.

Manage and track your self storage business on all your devices from anywhere

DomicoCloud Self Storage Management Software has all the tools you need to manage prospects, tenants, and units of your storage facility.

Quick move-ins with paperless lease and online payments.

Easily edit and view tenant accounts at all sites from one log-in.

Keep in touch with tenants directly with built-in text messaging and emailing



Our simple, yet intuitive interface makes managing self storage facilities easy

DomicoCloud offers each user the flexibility to customize their work-space and decide what shows up at login. Users can choose Widgets - a list of interactive data to keep on the home screen.

Learn more about Widgets>


Maximizing vacant spaces is possible with a simple lead tracking system.

Convert prospects into paying tenants by recording inquiries for efficient follow-up and move-ins. 

For owners with more than one facility: review staff sales efforts with tracked contact dates & notes for any facility from a drop-down list.

Learn more about online reservations,

paperless lease, and online payments >


A well-kept facility is key to attracting and retaining tenants.

The Work Order feature allows facility managers and owners to easily create work orders for tasks to be completed around the facility. Assign tasks to staff or even hired contractors.

Learn more about Accounts Payable 


Keeping the lines of communication open is easier than ever with text messaging features in DomicoCloud.


Tenants can contact you directly from their phones following the initial opt in. Access this messaging from the tenant screen.  Correspondences are date stamped and saved for reference.

Learn more about communicating

with tenants directly from the software >


DomicoCloud storage management software is ideal for companies managing multiple facilities.

The power of the cloud and development of DomicoCloud gives storage business owners tools to efficiently manage their data. Access all sites and software features from one single login – there is no need to log into separate sites. 

Sync site rules and templates for consistency, run multi-property reports for a complete overview, and assign access control for staff members. 


At Domico Software, we're committed to providing you with the best technology and support to help your business grow. Whether you're operating one site or ten sites; run the facility yourself or manage a staff; integrate with other self storage services or not, our tools will help you track every detail with ease and accuracy.


100% Cloud

DomicoCloud is completely web-based and can be accessed on any browser from anywhere with internet connection. 


Integrated Processing

Processing payments directly with DomicoPay. We've already saved customers like you an average of a 20% savings in annual fees.

Learn more about DomicoPay >


2-Hr Guaranteed Callback

Receive support for any of our products from the same friendly and knowledgeable group of technicians you're used. 


Access our easy storage software in it's entirety from any device 

Mobile Technology >

Communicate with customers via SMS text messaging or emailing directly from the software

Messaging >

Automatically export desired data to QuickBooks and other accounting systems.

External Accounting >

Tenants access online dashboard to make payments and complete other tasks.

Online Bill Pay >

Explore the list of existing integrations with top self storage service providers to maximize your operation.

Existing Integrations >

Bridge our software with other technology infrastructure using our robust API.


API Integrations >

Convert prospects into paying customers with a comprehensive reservation system

Reservation System >

Rent units quicker with paperless lease. Customers complete lease process online.

Paperless Lease >

Process payments securely and accept payments of all types for all balances accurately.

Taking Payments >

Sell and track your retail inventory of goods with the easy to use Point of Sale system

Retail Sales >

The revenue management system uses your site data to suggest optimized pricing.​

Revenue Management >

Storage owners & managers get more work done with our modern and clean interface. 

Interface >

Streamline your business with automatic actions, which happens when specific system events occur. 

Automation >

Manage your site from one place with a full accounting engine that provides the flexibility of cash or accrual accounting.  

Accounting >

Robust reporting helps operators properly conduct and track business performance. 

Reporting System >

DomicoCloud automates recurring features for quick close day tasks.

Close Day >

Software builds, whether new or converted from existing software are installed remotely with little to no downtime.

Installation >

All software installs are provided an assigned technician for up to 30 days for a smooth transition.

Assigned Technician >

Receive support for all products from your one team of friendly & knowledgeable technicians.

Gold Class Support >

Back your business with more than 35 years of self storage industry experience.

Research + Development >


“Domico has guided us throughout our thirty-five years in the self storage industry. Domico has been the foundation to our success in the self storage industry.” 


—  Deborah Smith, Owner

      Since 1989


Which product is best for me?

You can choose from two types of software for managing your storage facilities. DomicoCloud - our 100% purely cloud-based management software operates on the web and can be accessed on any browser from anywhere with internet connection. It is best for those looking for a modern approach to operating their self storage sites. DomicoCloud is built for customized automation, direct text messaging/emailing, and comes with unlimited users. Owners enjoy the convenience of being able to access multiple sites from one single login. 

Our Domico Stand-Alone version is a tried and true program that operates on your local Windows PC. This system is known for it's simplicity and can be hassle free as long as your hardware and software are up to date. Daily back-ups are done automatically with each Close Day and can be saved to a thumb drive, a cloud drive, or an external hard drive. This program also has the ability to accept online payments and reservations with the add-on eDomico. 

Do you offer free demos?

Absolutely! We offer free demos for both DomicoCloud and Domico Stand-Alone. Just contact us and we'll email you the access information. We recommend going through a live demo with one of our staff member so they can show you easy ways to navigate the software. Whether you're just breaking ground or looking to purchase software now, we'll provide you with answers to your questions.

What is the turn-around time to get software delivered?

If you're looking to have software built for a brand new facility without existing customer data, the turn-around time for the build and delivery is anywhere from 1-2 business days once your submitted build information is reviewed and accepted. 

Software builds using existing data can take a little longer depending on the type and amount of data you can provide. For example, production for someone who submits data with 800 existing customers may take a longer than someone with 200 existing customers. These builds can take anywhere between 1-5 business days. More on these types of build to follow.

What is a conversion?

A data conversion is when we build software using your existing facility and customer data. We can convert from any other storage software or spreadsheet. 

What testing and validation do you perform to ensure my converted data is accurate?

Our trained product specialists will work with you to gather the required data for the conversion The data is then analyzed and cleaned in preparation for it to get converted and dropped into our software. Once your existing data is live in our software, we go through various tests to see if the software returns accurate data. This is completed by two different technicians and is done before we deliver it to you. 

Is the system scale-able if I want to add more units or locations?

Yes! Our programs are built for growth. Weather you're adding more units or facilities, we'll work with you to get software built and delivered when you need it. If you have plans to build out in the future, don't forget to mention it early on for a discount. 

Do you integrate with my existing website for online reservations and payments?

We are able to easily connect online reservations and payments to your existing websites. Both DomicoCloud and Domico Stand-Alone have Customer Portals. Online transactions are automatically posted to your software. Learn more about our integrated DomicoPay payment processor for taking payments onsite and online. 

How is software delivered?

For DomicoCloud, your assigned technician will send you the web address and any login credentials you requested for. They will also remote into your computer to make sure any existing integrations are correctly setup with DomicoCloud (e.g. updates for your gate system). 

For Domico Stand-Alone software, your assigned technician will remote into the PC where the program will live and setup your software as well as any other integration there. 

What happens after the software has been delivered?

A technician is assigned to every single software delivery. Every delivery also includes an initial training session that goes over the basics of using the software and is available to any employee at your facility. Your assigned technician will follow-up with your site periodically and any support requests that comes in will also be routed to that technician. Additional training, account fixes, change to settings, and more are available during this time to ensure this transition is as smooth as possible. 

How easy is it for my employees to learn your system? 

Our programs are built with end-users in mind, making actions and functions easy to learn. Our initial training session is developed to get first time users comfortable with using the programs to complete basic day-to-day operating tasks. We understand that using new software comes with a learning curve, that's why we're here with you through it all. Your assigned tech can be contacted anytime during business hours by phone, vm, fax, or email. 

When is customer support available and where is it based?

Regular technical support is available 7 days a week, from 8a-5p Pacific Time Monday thru Fridays, and from 9a-1p Pacific Time on Saturdays and Sundays. Our support team works full-time at our headquarters in Walnut Creek, CA and are professionally trained to support our products and services. Additional support for our DomicoCloud and DomicoPay products are also available through our parent company. 

Who does the data belong to?

The data belongs to you! We can help you save backups or retrieve your data whenever you need it. 

Upcoming Holiday: MLK Jr. Day - Limited Support 9 am to 1 pm PST (learn more)